If your Jeannie, who is Lucy?

I am Jeannie; blessed mother of 2 beautiful kids, lucky in love with a renaissance man and weekday servant in the field of women's health. Lucy is my whimsical alter ego, Lucy goes hiking in her pajamas, enjoys painting to opera music at midnight, she likes to smell green leaves baking in the sunshine, and is my weekend warrior. This is Lucy's website.

LucysRoom was an idea I had 20 years ago as the cyberspace revolution really took off.The idea was to have an interactive and dimensional website which looked like a room, filled with all my favorite things! Buyers could click on the item arranged in the virtual display, purchase and have them shipped across the globe.

In the early days of LucysRoom my favorite things at that time were hand painted chairs.We were building a house in Oregon and I dreamed of colorful furniture in every room. I painted wooden and metal chairs adding applique seat covers and decoupage accents. Occasionally I would sell pieces to galleries or just give to friends as presents. Almost everyone I love has a lucysroom chair. Ten years ago we moved to Encinitas and I ventured into the weekend art show scene, but moving the furniture and shipping orders was really challenging. So, I moved on and started creating on a smaller scale. I made latin influenced mexican crosses and painted frames. I loved molding the crosses with wet paper and creating an old world style. This style really cultured my love for mexican folk art. But not everybody loves it just as I do, and my sales were low. Hence everyone I love has a mexican cross on the wall...

One year my mom gave me a sewing machine as a gift and I was so excited to create some new clothes for myself. I experimented with textiles and colorful dyes, creating unique dresses for Lucy to wear on the weekend, very far stretch from my medical scrubs. I love utillizing every scrap of fabric, most of my dresses are 99.9% recycled. Flattered by the public reception of compliments on my style, so much that I started making dresses again for friends at first and eventually now I create dresses for women of all shapes and sizes living all over the globe. Each dress is so unique and cultivated in my tiny micro studio.

Looking forward I would like to focus a little more on creating repurposed grocery bags. Encinitas is on the verge of outlawing plastic bags, I completely support this change and would like to offer one of a kind artistic market bags to my fellow stewards. Please revisit LucysRoom in this coming year, I will be here always, it's one of my favorite places to be.

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